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  Clinical manifestations of β-Thalassemia major in two different altitudes; Bushehr and Shahrekord IJHOSCR 10(2) - ijhoscr.tums.ac.ir April, 1, 2016 Mohammad Reza Ravanbod1, Ali Movahed, Afshin Ostovar, Ali Hajigholami, Gholamreza Khamisipour, Shokrollah Farrokhi, Hossein Darabi, Yasaman Khosravi, Mohammad Kazzem Gheybi. 2از 9
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  The effect of combined N-acetyl cysteine and vitamin C supplementation on blood biomarkers during single bout of exhaustive exercise in wistar rats Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 2014, 6(12):785-791 Ali Aalizadeh, Bahman Tarverdizadeh, Ali Movahed and G. Hossein Mohebbi 3از 4
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  Relationship between Vitamin D and Childhood Asthma: A Case–Control Study Iran J Pediatr xxx 2014; Vol 24 (No x), Pp: xxx Gissou Hatami1,Khadijeh Ghasemi1 , Niloofar Motamed2, Saiideh Firoozbakht1, Ali Movahed4, Shokrollah Farrokhi3,5 *. 5از6

  Dusty Air Pollution is Associated with an Increased Risk of Allergic Diseases in Southwestern Part of Iran Iran J Allergy Asthma Immunol 2014, 13(6):404-411 Mohammad Kazzem Gheybi, Ali Movahed, Reyhaneh Dehdari, Shahram Amiri, Hassan Ali Khazaei, Mostafa Gooya, Fereshteh Dehbashi, Atena Fatemi, Neda Sovid, Gholamreza Hajiani, Rahim Tahmasebi, Sina Dobaraderan, Majid Assadi, and Shokrollah Farrokhi 2از14
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  Potential of resveratrol in the treatment of heart failure Life Sciences 95 (2014) 63–71. Pema Raj Xavier Lieben Louis, Sijo Joseph Thandapilly, Ali Movahed,Shelley Zieroth, Thomas Netticadan 3از5
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  Antihyperglycemic Effects of Short Term Resveratrol upplementation in Type 2 Diabetic Patients Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2013, Article ID 851267, 11 pages. Ali Movahed, Iraj Nabipour, Xavier Lieben Louis, Sijo Joseph Thandapilly, Liping Yu, Mohammadreza Kalantarhormozi, Seyed Javad Rekabpour, and Thomas Netticadan 1از8

  Reduced hemodynamic load aids low-dose resveratrolin reversing cardiovascular defects in hypertensive rats. Hypertension Research (2013), 1–7 Sijo Joseph , Xavier Lieben Louis, John Behbahani, Ali Movahed, Liping Yu, Robert Fandrich, Shetuan Zhang, Elissavet Kardami, Hope D Anderson, and Thomas Netticadan. 4از10

  . Plasma concentration of acylated ghrelin in patients with Alzheimer,s disease. . African Journal of Biochemistry Research Vol. , 7January 2013(1), pp. 8-12 Akbarzadeh S, Yusefi F, Jafari SM, Khosravizadegan F, Moula A, Salimipour H, Eghbali SS, Motamed N, Hajian N, Rahbar A, Abdi MR, Hazrati S andMovahed A

  , Resveratrol protects adult cardiomyocytes against oxidative stress mediated cell injury. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 527 (2012) 74–80 A. Movahed, L. Yua, S.J. Thandapilly, X.L. Louis, T. Netticadan 1از5

  Relationship among plasma adiponectine ,insuline and androgens level as well as biochemical and lipidemic markers with incidents of PCOS in women with normal BMI Gynecological Endocrynology 2012 Samad Akbarzadeh, Sohgra Ghassemi, Mohamadreza Kalantarhormozi, raj Nabipour, Fatemeh Abbasi, Alnaz Aminfar, Seyed Mojtaba Jaffari, Niloofar Motamed, Ali Movahed, Mostafa Mirzaei, Alireza Rahbar

  The normoglycemic first- degree relatives of pationts with type II diabetes mellitus have low circulating omentine-1 and adiponectin levels. Cytokine,6 March 2012 Samad Akbarzadeh, Iraj nabipour, Majid Assadi, Ali movahed, Seyed Mojtaba Jafari, Nilofar motamed, Habibolla Nazem, Mehnoosh Haraghy, Abdolreza Pourbehi,Afshar Bargahi,Najmeh Hajian

  The normoglycemic first- degree relatives of pationts with type II diabetes mellitus have low circulating omentine-1 and adiponectin levels Cytokine 6 March 2012. Samad Akbarzadeh, Iraj nabipour, Majid Assadi, Ali movahed, Seyed Mojtaba Jafari, Nilofar motamed, Habibolla Nazem, Mehnoosh Haraghy, Abdolreza Pourbehi,Afshar Bargahi,Najmeh Hajian 4از 11

  Plasma malondialdehyde, bilirubin,homocysteine and total antioxidant capacity in patients with angiographically defined coronary artery disease African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 11(13), pp. 3187-3191, 14 February, 2012. Ali Movahed, Darush Iranpour, Iraj nabipour, Seyed Mojtaba Jafari, Samad AkbarZadeh 1از5

  Serum visfatin and vaspin levels in normoglycemic first-degree relatives of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus Diab Res Clin Pract, . 2011 Samad Akbarzadeh, Iraj Nabipour, Seyed Mojtaba Jaffari, Ali Movahed ,Niloofar Motamed,Majid Assadi, Najmeh Hajian 4از7
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  Relationship among sera lipoprotein abnormalities in healthy individuals with background of diabetic sibling African Journal of biotechnology Vol. 10(48), pp. 9904-9907, 29 August, 2011. Samad Akbarzadeh, Iraj Nabipour, Seyed Mojtaba Jaffari, Niloofar Motamed,Ali Movahed,Mostafa Mirzaei1 and Ali Reza Rahbar 5از7

  High sensitivity C – reactive protein is associated with the metabolic syndrome independent to viral and bacterial pathogen burden Diabetes Res Clin Pract.. 2009 Jun;84(3):296-302 Ebrahimi A, Nabipour I, Vahdat K, Jafari SM, Fouladvand M, Assadi M, Movahed A 7از7
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  Relationships among serum recepter of nuclear factor Kappa B ligand, osteoprotegerin, high – sensitivity C – reactive protein, and bone mineral density in postmenopausal women: osteoimmunity versus osteo inflammatory Menopause, . Apr 21, 2009.Vol.16,No: 5, pp. 950-955 Nabipour I, Larijani B, Vahdat K, Assadi M, Jafari SM,Ahmadi Z, Movahed A 6از6

  The metabolic syndrome is not associated with homocysteinemia: the persian gulf healthy heart study J Endocrinology Investigation.. May 32(5):406-10,2009 Nabipour I, Ebrahimi A, Jafari SM, Vahdat K, Assadi M, Movahed A, Moradhaseli F,Obeidi N, Sanjideh Z 7از9

  Changes in Erytrocyte sodiom- Lithium Countertransport and plasma parameters Fallowing Selenium Treatment Journal of Biological sciences 8(1): . 166 – 170, 2008 – Samad Akbarzadeh, Mohsen Ani, Ali A. Moshtaghie and Ali Movahed

  Free radical generation and the role of allopurinol as a cardioprotective agent during coronary artery bypass grafting surgery Can J Cardiol vol 12 . FEBRURY 1996 - Ali Movahed , KG Nair,TF Ashavaid, Pavan Kumar 1از4

  Evidence for Free radical Mediated injury During Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Indian Heart J, 1995, Vol 47(2), 107-11 Movahed A, KG Nair.TF Ashavaid, P Kumar 1از4

  Serum level of Zinc and Copper among pregnant women of Jam area referred to Towhid Hospital,southern part of Bushehr ISMJ ; 18(2): 2015344-352 S.M. Jafari, MM. Mohammadi, H. Baghaei, A. Movahed, S. Akbarzadeh, M. Kowsarifard, A. Hajivandi 4از7

  Beneficial effects of resveratrol on reducing blood glucose and insulin resistance in T2DM , ISMJ . 2016; 19(1): 155-166 Ali Movahed 1از1

  Beneficial effects of Resveratrol, present in grapes in the prevention and treatment of heart disease and failure ISMJ 2015; 18(1): 183-199 Ali Movahed

  Evaluation of the Frequency of Food and Aeroallergens in Patients with Eczema and Urticaria in Province of Bushehr: Based on Skin Prick Test Reactivity ISMJ, 2014 S Farrokhi1, M K Gheybi, A Movahed, D Iranpour, A Ostovar, K Vahdat , H A Khazaei 3از7

  H Nuclear magnetic resonance based metabonomics data analysis in rheumatoid arthritis ISMJ 2014; 17(2): 141-149 M. Arjmand, A. Golshahi, A. Movahed *, A. Amini , Z. Akbari 3از5

  Plasma progranulin and relaxin levels in PCOS women with normal BMI compared to control healthy subjects . ISMJ . 2013; 16(3): 181-8 S. Akbarzadeh, MR. Kalantar Hormozi , S Ghasemi, E Shabankareh, N Keshvari, N Motamed, SM. Jafari , A Movahed, P Bazzy, Kh Poorkhalili, Z Akbari, N Hajian, F Jahanpour, N Obeidi 8از14

  Evaluation of heavy metals in the tissues of different species of shrimps collected from coastal waters of Bushehr, Persian Gulf ISMJ 2013; 16(2): 100-9 A. Movahed , A. Dehghan, R. Haji Hosseini S .Akbarzadeh ,AA. Zendehboudi,M . Nafisi Behabadi, MM .Mohammadi, N. Hajian, F. Pakdel, A. Hefzulla, D. Iranpour 1از11

  Attitude of Medical Students in Boushehr University of Medical Sciences towards Psychiatry as A Course and A Future Career Journal of Isfahan Medical School ,. Vol 29, No 170, 2nd week, March 2012 Gholamreza Ghasemi Toudehskchuie, Alireza Yousefi, Alireza Sanati,Ali Movahed 4از4

  The heart of date palm: its nutritional and functional constituents Iranian South Medical Journal. . Vol. 14, No 2, JUNE 2011 - A.Movahed ,MM.Mohammadi,S.Akbarzadeh, I. Nabipour, N.Ramezanian, N.Hajian 1از6


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