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The school of Medicine was established in 1990 with the admission of 25 students. Due to lack of adequate school facilities they started their studies as guest students in Shiraz and Bandar- Abbas Medical Universities.

By the establishment of medical school in 1995 the school of medicine was promoted to medical university which led the guest students in Shiraz and Bandar-Abbas to come back and continue their studies at Bushehr University of Medical Sciences.

In 2008 with the permission of Ministry of Health & Medical Education and jointly with Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, the first graduate students were accepted and after taking courses in the field of Medical Microbiology in Shahid Beheshti University they continued their studies at Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, since then the school has admitted postgraduates in Micro Biology independently.

In 2011, the school of medicine has accepted residency students in the field of social medicine and in 2012, the internal diseases field of study was added to educational chart and training residents in clinical medicine was started.

By establishing general surgery in 2013, admission of residency student started and in 2014, clinical biochemistry in M.sc degree was established.  


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